Green Consciousness

Taking our approach of offering a personal & caring experience to our guests one step further, we are also thinking of our role in contributing towards a healthier earth.

We have initiated an on-going process of sustainable practices to make a positive impact on the environment. By doing this, we start by preserving our beautiful island of Aruba, which residents & guests can enjoy for generations to come. We have called this process our “Greenification” process.

Therefore, we have implemented these water and energy efficient programs, while always keeping the comfort and contentment of our guests in mind. Our aim is energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Water Efficiency

  1. We have started a linen and towel reuse program in the rooms
  2. We have installed controlled flow showerheads to help save water, without compromising the shower experience
  3. We harvest rain water for irrigation of the garden

Energy Efficiency

  1. We have installed energy efficient air conditioning in the rooms and offices
  2. We have switched to energy saving bulbs in guestrooms, balconies and offices and have sensors and timers for garden area lighting
  3. We have installed LED color-changing ambiance lighting for our event area and in additional outdoor sections.
  4. We use “Energy star” office appliances
  5. We’ve provided Light out cards in the rooms

More Environmental Friendly Practices

  1. We provide environmental friendly facial and bathroom tissue in the rooms
  2. We use eco-friendly cleaning products when feasible and available
  3. We educate our staff to turn off lights and turn down air conditioning when rooms are unoccupied. Also, during daytime to close the drapes.
  4. We have environmental responsible paper for office use
  5. Glass cups and ceramic mugs (instead of plastic) are provided for in-room beverages
  6. We have installed a Solar water heater to heat water with solar power
  7. Last, but not least, we encourage our caring guests to participate in helping us conserving energy, by placing energy saving tips on room cards.



Green Consciousness